Roy G Biv

A Secret Liverpool (Re-Issue)The Secret Liverpool L.P. (Compilation 1985)
A two sided version of the album appeared the following year in 1985,The opening track on the second side being the first release as ‘The La’s’ titled ‘I Don’t like Hanging Around’ it is Mike Badger with backing band ‘the Modernaires’ performing two minutes of ramshackle swing .The Kindergarten Paint Set also appear on the album ,featuring Badger on percussion. .

  • The Time I Grew Forever – Roy G Biv
  • I Don’t Like Hanging Around – The La’s

In Loving Memory of Carl Davies (March 1962- Oct 2002)



A Secret LiverpoolThe Secret Liverpool L.P. (Compilation 1984 – Davies Records)
The first five hundred copies of this Album only had one side of music contained on them ,all the sleeves where hand cut from re-cycled cardboard. The opening track was three minutes of complete silence, the compilation was the brainchild of Carl Davies – Carl appears on the album under the name’ The Harts’ but insisted that his tracks went on the album backwards! The final track on the side was ‘The Time I grew Forever’ by Roy.G.Biv-the first release by Mike Badger ,it is a poem set to a piece of music by Leroy Anderson called the Syncopated clock.


  • The Time I Grew Forever