Mike Badger : News

The Rhythm and the Tide

The Rhythm and the Tide Liverpool, The La's and Ever After by Mike Badger and Tim Peacock is now available from AMAZON and LIVERPOOL UNI PRESS

Record Store Day

April 19th 2014 Record Store Day Release of John Got Shot 7 inch single on Eighties Vinyl Records Performance at the Bluecoat Liverpool

Up and Coming Events

Viper Exhibition at the Penny Lane Galley Oct/Nov 2012 Mike is showing at the Great Liverpool Art Fair at the Liver Building on Sat November 24th 2012 Mike Badger’s Post Pop Art Show at the Vitreum Merchant Taylor’s School for Girls Crosby Liverpool January 2013 In...


MIKE BADGER - Rogue State - Viper CD Mike Badger is Liverpool’s answer to Billy Childish, albeit minus the flamboyant punk attitude and undying enthusiasm for three-chord thrash. Founding member of The La's and The Onset, visual artist, record label honcho and...