Dag Bogaberg -ROCK Magazine

Dag Bogaberg -ROCK Magazine

Mike Badger & The Shady Trio are based in Liverpool and this is the group’s debut album. We are talking pretty traditional rockabilly and country bop, as well as skiffle on a couple of tunes.

Mike Badger is a veteran in the business and has since the end of the 90’s run the Viper Label and released buckets full if Merseybeat, rockabilly, country and blues. He has played in many bands including The La’s, who had a hit with “There She Goes” in ’88, the rockabilly group The Onset – and been through everything from country to garage-rock, but …I always go back to rockabilly, he says in the biography that comes with the record.

The backing band The Shady Trio formed in Texas, and with Badgers British background this gives the music a kind of rockabilly style of its own. It is swinging well and the sound is cool. We are given good stories such as the mid-tempo country bop number “One Minute I’m Sober (Then I’ve Got a Hangover)” or the fast rockabilly tune “Heading For Tibet (In My Cadillac)”. “Nice Lowe plays rockabilly” thinks this listener on “The Ten Commandments of Rock”. The tribute to Hank Williams, “Thank Hank” is reminiscent of our own Hank Sundown & the Roaring Cascades’ “Hank’s Back”.

Good rockabilly from start till finish on 13 self written songs.

Dag Bogaberg -ROCK Magazine Norway- (April 2012)